#122 – Rocky Road

1 year ago

The Boys are completely and totally (and officially) Back.

We catch up on some of the things that have been going on lately, including yet another trademark American Mass Shooting and the very serious continued argument over "mental health" in this country. Trump found liable for sex pest stuff, COVID is over (again), Tucker's taking his talents to The Bay, and more.

Our main focus in this episode is the issue of homelessness and the concept of social housing– referenced by former-and-currently-running-for SLC mayor, Rocky Anderson in a piece in the SL Trib. We continue this topic with a discussion of Robert Gehrke's article talking about evictions in Utah hitting a 7-year high.

Articles covered: Rocky Anderson: More affordable housing is possible. So is keeping a neighborhood’s character

Utah evictions have hit a 7-year high. We need to maintain safety nets for our neighbors, Robert Gehrke writes.