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#103 – Oops, All Hell Lines

The boys are back. It's November. A new month with new possibilities.

Greg updates us on his new career path! Catch him at a very special second-iteration of a very special conference definitely taking place next year.

In this ep, we catch up on what's being going on lately and buddy, there's a lot. We talk about racist Utah teenagers wearing some of the most racist costumes we've ever seen, Lula's extremely important victory over perennial covid-haver Jair Bolsonaro, The Church scheming in the outback, Saudis draining the American West, and more.

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#101 – Indignity Index

Today we are joined by Brian from the fantastic podcast The Worst of All Possible Worlds!

The boys talk about Greg leaving the Democratic party alongside his favorite surfing TERF, the country moving towards Brandonizing weed, Alex Jones owing the monetary equivalent of trillions of poison brain pills in damages, Burgess Owens hiding from a debate because of a cartoonist, and more.

And finally, we get Dignified using a new online political lifesaver that's stopping violence and saving democracy by analyzing one tweet at a time. Buckle up, baby.

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#100 – Keeping it 100

That's right, baby. We've made it to 100 and the haters and losers are devastated. They said we couldn't do it. It is the season finale of BYM and we have a special show for you all.

We start out with a quick catch up with a certain congresswoman from Florida, some talk about The Church's pamphlets and a general authority quoting normal guy Rod Dreher, and a discussion of a battle among a father, his son, and CTE. After that, the boys review the hottest politically-correct Halloween costume trends, brought to you by the Deseret News.

And finally, we play a bunch of messages left by our loving friends and guests of the pod who definitely still like us. I think.

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Thank you all for listening and supporting the show. Let's hope the Great Salt Lake isn't dry by the time we get to episode 200.

#98 – Save Our Great Salt Lake feat. Nate Housley

Yo! It's Kyle and Greg this week. We start things off by talking about our new and exciting sponsor, an update on Jordan's whereabouts, the untimely death of a monarch, and the anniversary of Ted Cruz exposing his online tastes. We then briefly talk about a wild situation in Vegas, the horrific water situation in Jackson, and another LDS bishop getting busted for extremely bad stuff.

The main event for this episode, though, is our discussion with our favorite historian, Nate Housley (@Nate_Housley), a founding member of Save Our Great Salt Lake.

We talk about the water situation in Utah, the effects of the shrinking Great Salt Lake, the impact of agriculture and the questions we should be asking about it, and what needs to be done to start turning things around.

Save Our Great Salt Lake will be at Slackwater SLC (684S 500W) at 6PM this Wednesday, September 14th. Come meet like-minded people, socialize, and then hear Nate give a presentation starting at 7 about the frontier origin of our water system and where we go from here.

Please sign the petition on Save Our Great Salt Lake's site here:

And follow them on social: Twitter: @saveourgsl Instagram: @saveourgreatsaltlake

#97 – Every Listener an Uncle feat. Kelgore

Episode Notes

We're joined by the excellent and hilarious @KelgoreTrout for a dive into more of our favorite Utah Guys, including a familiar member of the BYM extended universe. We also extend a challenge to all listeners to step up to the plate for all our impressionable young men out there falling victim to these grifters.

Kelgore has a fantastic YouTube channel where she's recently covered a particularly deranged Prager U video featuring friend of the pod, Tim Ballard. Check that out here. Do it. And of course, her episode with Jarvis about Jimmy Rex here.

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#96 – BYM Goes To The Mayor Feat. Rocky Anderson

Episode Notes

In a bit of a bonus episode, Kyle, Jordan, and Greg are joined by former Salt Lake City Mayor and presidential candidate Rocky Anderson (@rockyanderson), who has announced his intentions to run for mayor of Salt Lake City once again. We discuss Rocky's past, why he is running for mayor again, and his views for a future for Salt Lake, including homelessness, policing, the environment, and labor.

#95 – Episode 95 - Hotline Sting

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss Trump's home getting raided by the Feds, the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Alex Jones getting burned in trial, and finally we discuss the article on the LDS Church's Abuse Hotline that allegedly was used to avoid reporting to authorities.

Link to the AP Story

Link to the Vice Story from 2019

#93 – Inside the Caster's Studio

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle talk about a variety of topics including Monkey Pox, Tucker Carlson, our sucky climate, and then Greg and Kyle answer your questions that were submitted.

#92 – Institutions of Loathe

Episode Notes

We fully discuss the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade, and what the new reality means for all of us. In that we also discuss an article from our favorite newspaper where they lay the case for "institutions of love" that need to be created for mothers in need that will emerge in the post-Roe world. It's garbage.

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#91 – Well, it happened

Episode Notes

Kyle and Greg go through the day's events in a very condensed episode because hell world happened.

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