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#93 – Inside the Caster's Studio

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle talk about a variety of topics including Monkey Pox, Tucker Carlson, our sucky climate, and then Greg and Kyle answer your questions that were submitted.

#92 – Institutions of Loathe

Episode Notes

We fully discuss the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade, and what the new reality means for all of us. In that we also discuss an article from our favorite newspaper where they lay the case for "institutions of love" that need to be created for mothers in need that will emerge in the post-Roe world. It's garbage.

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#91 – Well, it happened

Episode Notes

Kyle and Greg go through the day's events in a very condensed episode because hell world happened.

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#90 – Utah County: Special Victims Unit Feat Brace Belden

Episode Notes

We are joined by Brace Belden of the TrueAnon Podcast (@TrueAnonPod) to talk about the spectacle of the dueling press conferences by the Utah County Attorney and the Utah County Sheriff dealing with the matter of if the UC Attorney is a cannibal child sex freak. Or if the Utah County Sheriff is using information from a fake British man who dresses like the Penguin, faked his own death, and is wanted for sexual assault in Utah County.

We also talk about Brace's experiences in Utah at AlphaCon, Greg's making of a varsity athlete, the sad current state of Bob Dylan, BYU and soaking, and the 2003 Cuba Gooding Jr. movie Radio.

Injury Report: Jordan - DNP (Health and Safety Protocols)

#89 – Patreon Preview: Horse Race

Episode Notes

In the full episode, Greg, Jordan and Kyle discuss some horse related discourse, Democratic Fecklessness, and John Stockton's new insanity.

#88 – Fresh Ground Solidarity

Episode Notes

Kyle, Greg, and Jordan are joined by Jacob, Kat, and Kit. All are local Salt Lake area Starbucks workers currently in the process of unionizing their stores. In this episode, they discuss their organizing efforts, what unionization would mean in their current jobs and we also discuss a bit about Starbucks' history with unions and how valued they feel as "partners"

Read about their efforts here:

We also discuss a bit about the leaked Supreme Court Ruling, and talk about what that means for the current state of politics.

Donate to Utah Abortion Fund here:

Join all of us at the Starbucks at 400 S 400 E in Salt Lake on May 6th at 12 PM as the downtown Starbucks kicks off its unionization efforts with a rally for supporters.

#87 – Rest in Power, Orrin Hatch

Episode Notes

Kyle, Jordan, and Greg mourn our dear sweet long-serving Senator, Orrin Grant Hatch. We certainly don't discuss his history of corruption, his ties to Utah's radical right, and his horrific treatment of Anita Hill.

We also discuss some other current events, like the Jazz being terrible and the Utah Democrats punting on having a senate candidate in the service of personality blackhole, Evan McMullin.

#85 – Bethany Transdel

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle are back to talk about some of the insane things going on right now

#83 – *UNLOCKED* Alpha Planning Feat. Jacob Klopfenstein

Episode Notes

We are joined by Jacob Klopfenstein of the University of Utah's City & Metropolitan Planning Department and former KSL reporter to discuss residential planning and the housing situation within the Salt Lake Valley. 

Greg and Jordan also discuss their adventures into Alpha Con and how they ran into quite a few celebrities.

#84 – Governors Are Just as Brave As The Troops

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss the very clean cut Ukrainian-Russian Conflict (Disclaimer: We are dumb and don't know anything, don't yell at us). But we mainly discuss the statement put out by Utah Governor, Spencer Cox. Namely, how normal, self-aware, and completely devoid of any possible fetishizing of the sacrifice of innocent Ukrainians it was. Bravo, Governor. Bravo.