#131 – Salt Lake City Limits

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan discuss congressional primaries and if Salt Lake is on the verge of turning into Austin, but only in the worst possible ways.

#130 – Just Kickin’ It w/ the Pod Doc, Colin

The boys are back with Pod Doc Colin filling in for Jordan this week. We cover quite a few topics this ep, including the horror in Hawaii, more Supreme Court bribes, and Indicted Trump v no one. We focus our two main stories tonight on the insane right-wing response to the USWNT getting knocked out of the World Cup and, of course, Utah's most famous (nearly) almost sniper. Almost had it.

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Thanks to Colin for helping out this week <3

Outro music: Lovely Times by Suburban Living

#128 – More Like 'Sound of Boredom' feat. Miles Klee

Episode Notes

We are joined by Miles Klee (@youwouldntpost) of Rolling Stone and formerly of the late, great Mel Magazine to discuss the reason why Miles' mentions and email have been toxic over the last week.

Yep, we are discussing new Indie hit, Sound of Freedom. It's terrible, don't see it.

Read Miles Klee's review of the film here.

Or Miles' other article about Sound of Freedom and its impact on Wall Street Bets "Apes" and their AMC Theater stock here

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#127 – Trump Grimace Birthday Challenge

Episode Notes

Back again for the tail end of pride. We discuss RFK Jr's gym etiquette, that kaput submarine, Samuel Alito having a sugar daddy, and how the state of Utah is scared to run social media posts about Pride Month.

#126 – Hanging Ten in Hell

He did everything right and they indicted him!!! Trump might be going to the pen, but not without some empty promises of free Cuban food first.

We cover some real fun topics in this one like the endless world of digital advertising and data collection, a genius developer building a surf community in the middle of the Utah desert, roads collapsing under increasingly dramatic climate change, and more.

And finally, we talk a bit about the freaks who continue to wage war on the incredibly scary concept of books.

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Love u all!

#125 – A Proud Gridiron Grift

Yo! The boys are here with a fresh ep in the early days of (LGBTQ+) Pride Month. We cover a lot in this episode, including all of the fresh new hell the right is creating with the never-ending attack on gay and trans people. And it turns out that our governor is a bit of a coward. Who knew? We talk debt ceiling, Chris Steward resigning, Utah oil production, and the Supreme Court doing more anti-labor nonsense.

And finally, we end with a story in the SL Tribune about BYU and other NCAA athletes being scammed via newly allowed NIL deals, including with FTX and NFTs. Amazing.

The Pride parade in SLC is Sunday 6/4! And while you're there, go check out DSSL's booth and grab some BYM decals and talk socialism with good people.

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#124 – The Insider Feat. Mark Agee

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan talk to Mark Agee (@markagee), who is a member of the Writer's Guild of America, to discuss the ongoing strike, working conditions for writers, and what led to this strike.

Then we discuss the 60 Minutes piece on the whistleblower who revealed secrets on the LDS Church's finances, including setting up shell corporations to hide wealth. Then we read an article saying why that is actually normal religious activity.

Donate to help WGA strikers at DSA Los Angeles's Snacklist which provides food and drinks to strikers on the picket lines.

#122 – Rocky Road

The Boys are completely and totally (and officially) Back.

We catch up on some of the things that have been going on lately, including yet another trademark American Mass Shooting and the very serious continued argument over "mental health" in this country. Trump found liable for sex pest stuff, COVID is over (again), Tucker's taking his talents to The Bay, and more.

Our main focus in this episode is the issue of homelessness and the concept of social housing– referenced by former-and-currently-running-for SLC mayor, Rocky Anderson in a piece in the SL Trib. We continue this topic with a discussion of Robert Gehrke's article talking about evictions in Utah hitting a 7-year high.

Articles covered: Rocky Anderson: More affordable housing is possible. So is keeping a neighborhood’s character

Utah evictions have hit a 7-year high. We need to maintain safety nets for our neighbors, Robert Gehrke writes.

#120 – Dewey Decimal Organizing

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan were joined by members of the Salt Lake City Public Library's Workers United (@SLCPLWU) to discuss their union drive and what the realities are of organizing on the ground in Utah

Here is the link to their campaign to demand the SLC Library Board honor the union: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-slcpl-board-of-directors-respect-slcpl-workers-united

#119 – Retvrn

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are back from their various sabbaticals to discuss all sorts of issues we missed including Trump being indicted, Joe Brandon's reelection campaign, the Salt Lake City Mayoral election, a Utah Senator's house getting vandalized, and the GOP Convention.

Anyway, good to be back.