#141 – The Whimper of Freedom

First things first:

If you're in the general SLC area, join us for Brigham's Bar Bash & Clothing Drive!! It is on Tuesday, Dec 12, at 6 pm at Acme Bar (837 E. 2100 S)

Warm clothes or canned food get you in the door. Come hang, celebrate, and do some holiday good. All donations will go to SLC Mutual Aid or the Utah Food Bank.

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Pod stuff:

This week, the boys recap the results of the SLC mayor race that was and the fun times we all shared along the way. We then cover the never-ending OUR/Tim Ballard saga, but this time it includes Sean Reyes making threats and writing scripts. We also get into some news around the US government's enablement of the destruction in Gaza.

And finally, we end with the Washington Post's editorial board telling us all how our political beliefs are threatening the mere concept of marriage. Get in, we're going podding.

#140 – Condemning Hamas Goon Cave

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan talk about a bunch of dumb stuff including: John Stockton going for RFK, Sean Reyes, and why he might go to jail.

Also, come to our fun event if you are in town. BYM & Unsalvageable Present: Brigham's Bar Bash & Clothing Drive Tues, Dec 12, 6 pm. Acme Bar (837 E. 2100 S) Warm clothes or canned food get you in the door. Come hang, celebrate, and do some holiday good. All donations will go to SLC Mutual Aid or the Utah Food Bank.

#137 – Broken Arrow Feat. Miles Klee

Episode Notes

The boys are joined by Rolling Stone writer Miles Klee (@youwouldntpost) to rejoin the ongoing saga of our favorite anti-human trafficking non-profit operator.

#136 – City Slickers

Episode Notes

We are joined by our friend Angela to discuss the ongoing Salt Lake City Mayoral election. It's a doosey.

Also, we don't discuss the ongoing issues in Palestine, that is something we are working towards in a way that is a bit more sensitive than in an episode where we make fun of replacement level municipal politicians.

#135 – Requiem For a Mitt Feat. Shocks

Episode Notes

Kyle and Jordan are joined by our favorite Boston Lawyer (@Shocks) to discuss our collective grief over losing liberal icon, Willard Mitt Romney. We discuss his impact on Utah and Massachusetts and how he has graced us with prosperity. We love you, Mitt!

Also we discuss a bit more Tim Ballard, Bobby Menendez, and awkward date movies.

#134 – Off the Rails

It's another week here at BYM and things are officially off the rails. We highlight some of the recent news, including Mitt giving up his seat to live the dream, UAW striking, Lauren Boebert's shenanigans in the cover of night, another "anti-trafficker" getting in trouble for extra curriculars.

The main story in this episode is, of course, about Tim Ballard. We review this summer's timeline of events that culminated with him being publicly rebuked by the LDS Church and new reporting that indicates the likely reason he was let go by OUR at the height of their popularity.

Big shoutout to the reporters who have been working on these stories: Lynn Packer: YouTube, website Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman: recent VICE News reporting

Outro music

#132 – Something Worth Listening To Feat. Josaleigh Pollett

Episode Notes

Greg sits down with local artist Josaleigh Pollett (@brosaleigh) to discuss her "Tender DIY" music, the local music scene, and the state of being online.

#131 – Salt Lake City Limits

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan discuss congressional primaries and if Salt Lake is on the verge of turning into Austin, but only in the worst possible ways.

#130 – Just Kickin’ It w/ the Pod Doc, Colin

The boys are back with Pod Doc Colin filling in for Jordan this week. We cover quite a few topics this ep, including the horror in Hawaii, more Supreme Court bribes, and Indicted Trump v no one. We focus our two main stories tonight on the insane right-wing response to the USWNT getting knocked out of the World Cup and, of course, Utah's most famous (nearly) almost sniper. Almost had it.

If you can, please donate to Maui Mutual Aid here.

Thanks to Colin for helping out this week <3

Outro music: Lovely Times by Suburban Living

#128 – More Like 'Sound of Boredom' feat. Miles Klee

Episode Notes

We are joined by Miles Klee (@youwouldntpost) of Rolling Stone and formerly of the late, great Mel Magazine to discuss the reason why Miles' mentions and email have been toxic over the last week.

Yep, we are discussing new Indie hit, Sound of Freedom. It's terrible, don't see it.

Read Miles Klee's review of the film here.

Or Miles' other article about Sound of Freedom and its impact on Wall Street Bets "Apes" and their AMC Theater stock here

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