#119 – Retvrn

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are back from their various sabbaticals to discuss all sorts of issues we missed including Trump being indicted, Joe Brandon's reelection campaign, the Salt Lake City Mayoral election, a Utah Senator's house getting vandalized, and the GOP Convention.

Anyway, good to be back.

Bonus: Interview with Armed Queers of SLC

Greg sits down for a quick interview with the Armed Queers of SLC — an explicitly socialist and radical Queer organization dedicated to the militant and armed defense of LGBTQ people nationwide. We chat about the privilege of advocating gun bans, the harmful LGBTQ+ rhetoric coming from the right, and the work they're doing to protect drag shows and educate folks on leftism and self defense.

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#116 – Follow the Profit feat. Alice Caldwell-Kelly

Episode Notes

Jordan and Greg are joined by Alice Caldwell Kelly (@AliceAvizandum) to discuss a multitude of subjects, including Mike Lee's small suspension, the LDS Church hiding assets through shell corporations, how it is such as zero-drip religion, and then we finish it up with a reading series on why Mormons are so susceptible to financial schemes.

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#115 – Hey Now, We're an All-Star feat. Tom Sexton

Episode Notes

Happy All-Star Weekend, Utah. The entire world has decided to focus its attention on our snowy, mountainous state to watch a bunch of guys who generally wouldn't want to be caught dead here. In this episode Greg and Jordan are joined by Tom Sexton (@TomSexton) from the Trillbillies podcast to discuss the game, why Jazz Owner Ryan Smith is getting way too into it, and finally we also discuss a bit about how Utah has a senator who calls himself "based" on twitter.

#114 – He Would Be A Poster

Your favorite loverboys are back with a fresh ep off the pod press! In this one, we catch up on the Super Bowl, talk about the upcoming NBA All Star game here in the city, and review all of the amazing things our legislature is doing to fight this water crisis. Don't worry, they're doing a lot. I promise. They really are. Definitely.

We cover the insane catastrophe in East Palestine, OH, the SEC investigating The Church, and the scheme's our local politicians have been up to when it comes to "dealing with the homeless situation."

And finally, we recap those weird Jesus ads from the Super Bowl and dig into the people behind 'em. Not good.

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Stay golden.

#112 – A Confederacy of Cancellations feat. Mark Agee

This week, we're back and we've brought in our dear friend, Mark Agee, as reinforcements. We start things off with our thoughts on the return of The Delta Center, the Millers' continued legacy, and more.

In the Hell Lines this week, Greg takes us through what's been going on, including the Utah legislature reining their terror upon vulnerable people, "George Santos" and his love for dogs, and other lovely stuff.

And finally, the boys reminisce about one of our favorite trends: conservatives cancelling miscellaneous foods, appliances, and sneakers in the name of defending this great country. And, of course, cover the dangers of becoming too attracted to spherical candy.

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And keep rockin' in the free world, friends.

Bonus - Destroying Public Ed one "Scholarship" at a Time

Episode Notes

Here is a Bonus! Jordan is joined by his wife Elise to discuss education and how it is being affected by the Utah Legislative session. We focus on the voucher system from HB 215: How it cuts funds, only benefits the rich and privileged, and does nothing to support rural students, disabled students, or multi-lingual students.

We then go on to discuss Todd Weiler's SB 100 on school's policies regarding gender identification, and how it makes for unsafe and uncomfortable environments in schools.

We close out with a discussion on Jordan Teuscher's HB 241, an strictly anti-union bill designed to starve public unions of money and kill their ability to operate at all in the organizations they serve.

All in all, a really horrific legislative session.

#111 – Real Housewives of BYM Feat: Madison, Suz, and Ivy

Episode Notes

The boys took a night off to sit our asses down and listen to our friends help us finally pass the Bechdel Test for the first time in the pod's history, Madison (@madison_tayt), Suz (@TheSuzannahLee), and Ivy (@CelebrityGus)

In this episode they discuss:

  • Mormonism and Modesty
  • Real Housewives of Salt Lake
  • Which host they will remove in their feminist coup (Probably Jordan)
  • Economics vs. Astrology, which is more fake
  • The Horror in Enoch and how it relates to Utah and US culture
  • Online Trad Culture
  • Problems with the Salt Lake Olympics bid
  • Spencer Cox's Expensive nepobaby advisor
  • And men going down the Alt-Right pipeline

#109 – A Year in Review w/ The Worst of All Possible Worlds

It's time to talk about the year that was: 2022. We lived it. We loved it. And the boys enlisted the help of Brian and Josh from The Worst of All Possible Worlds to talk through all the big moments from the year gone by. And at the end, we give out the coveted, honorary awards to the year's biggest freaks. 2023 -- onward and upward.

(Sorry if the audio gets a lil weird toward the end. I had to edit in our backup audio lol)

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#107 – A Not So Merry Techsmas

Happy holidays, bozos. We had a lot to catch up on together... In this ep, we talk about an exciting local NFT export, Rocky declaring for mayor, and our upcoming Street Fight Radio appearance. Then, Greg takes us through his Hell Lines™ that include a local cookie company using child labor, OUR making a comeback, SBF's arrest, and more!

And finally, we talk through the recent waves of mass layoffs taking place across the tech industry, but hitting hard specifically in Utah... just in time for the holidays. We need a complete and total shutdown of economists until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

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Have a great rest of your year, everyone. Take care of each other!!!