Brigham Young Money

#71 – Redistrict This

Episode Notes

We discuss Poppy Madness, Q Anon bringing back JFK Jr. and the 104 year old JFK Sr, and then discuss the Utah legislature redrawing the congressional boundaries that everyone was totally okay with it.

#70 – School's Out

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss shadowy groups that have been pressuring schools and school boards to try and remove anything even possibly controversial. We also look at the ties these groups have to right-wing astroturf money firms, and also Mitt Romney's really awesome Ted Lasso costume

#69 – Nice

Episode Notes

On the occasion of our 69th episode we discuss the nice and civil politicians that make up our system, namely the late Colin Powell and Utah's next senator, Evan McMullin.

#68 – I Am An (Essential) Oil Man - Feat. Áine Cain

Episode Notes

In today's podcast we are joined by Business Insider's Áine Cain (@ainecain) to discuss Utah Governor Spencer Cox doing a bizarre press conference to highlight a local MLM's efforts to fight COVID, and what the general state of MLMs and politics are in Utah and the United States.

#67 – LuLaNo feat: MJ from I Hate This Town Podcast

Episode Notes

In this episode we are joined by MJ (@tiger_beatdow) from the I Hate This Town podcast (@HateThisTownPod) to discuss the LuLaRich documentary, we then take that into a conversation about MLMs and their cultural significance and discuss a lot of horrible LuLaRoe patterns.

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#63 – #62 - Holy Chore

Episode Notes

The Boys are back together to discuss a myriad of topics. First, our recent appearance on the I Hate This Town Podcast, where we discuss all sorts of topics related to Utah, MLMs, and instagram influences. (Follow them at @HateThisTownPod) We then move on to the comments made by Utah Senate President J Stuart Adams about Donovan Mitchell "being uneducated" about his disapproval of the state's actions on CRT. Finally, we finish with a discussion about this weekend's "Holy War" game between Utah and BYU, namely why it shouldn't even happen. Then we finish with a discussion on LGBTQ issues with BYU, LDS Apostle's anti-LGBTQ speech, and a brief history of BYU's abuse of LGBTQ students.

#61 – COV-IDIOSYNCRASIES with Ken Starnes

In this episode, we're joined for an interview with our Emergency Room Doctor/friend Ken Sterns (@roto_tudor on Twitter) for a talk about how things are going in Southern Missouri in one of the most proudly unvaccinated areas of the country. Unsurprisingly, it's kinda bad.

Before that, Greg and Kyle talk about the rest of the insanely cool and fun shit that's going on around town. Hottest gossip on the web!

(Sorry, this is Kyle and this is the first time I've edited and published a podcast. Jordan usually takes care of this and I'm scared and alone while he's at army. If something sounds messed up or bad or whatever, forgive me, tell me, and tell Jordan to never leave us ever again)


#60 – Doo Doo Mask Off

Episode Notes

All the boys are back together to discuss a lot of issues. They start discussing COVID and the upswing in Utah, the ongoing mask debate with Salt Lake County, the new developments with DezNat, and our recent posting battles against the worst of Twitter.

#58 – Episode 58 - Discontinuing the War Crimes Blend Feat. Joe Kassabian

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are joined by our old pal Colin (@ColYou) while Kyle is still vacationing, but also we are joined by author, veteran, and host of the Lions Led By Donkeys Podcast, Joe Kassabian (@jkass99). In this episode we discuss the New York Times article featuring Black Rifle Coffee and how "sorry, not sorry" they are about the whole propagating right-wing violence thing.