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#85 – Bethany Transdel

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle are back to talk about some of the insane things going on right now

#83 – *UNLOCKED* Alpha Planning Feat. Jacob Klopfenstein

Episode Notes

We are joined by Jacob Klopfenstein of the University of Utah's City & Metropolitan Planning Department and former KSL reporter to discuss residential planning and the housing situation within the Salt Lake Valley. 

Greg and Jordan also discuss their adventures into Alpha Con and how they ran into quite a few celebrities.

#84 – Governors Are Just as Brave As The Troops

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss the very clean cut Ukrainian-Russian Conflict (Disclaimer: We are dumb and don't know anything, don't yell at us). But we mainly discuss the statement put out by Utah Governor, Spencer Cox. Namely, how normal, self-aware, and completely devoid of any possible fetishizing of the sacrifice of innocent Ukrainians it was. Bravo, Governor. Bravo.

#81 – Episode 82: Live Laugh Love Democracy

Episode Notes


Anyway, we discuss Evan McMullin, a candidate for Utah's senate seat that is currently vying for Democratic and Independent support. He sucks, don't vote for him

#80 – We're Through the Looking Glass Feat. Cristina Rossetti

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are joined by Cristina Rosetti, PhD, (@CristinaMartaR) a scholar on minority religions and Mormon fundamentalism, to discuss a strange online artifact that came out recently. It was a documentary that asks a titular question "Who Killed Joseph Smith." We also discuss the growth of Mormon fundamentalism in the online age, and the best chocolate shops in Utah County.

Read Cristina's article on Mormon fundamentalism that we referenced here:

#79 – More Like Twenty Twenty Fun Feat: Mark Agee

Episode Notes

We are joined by Mark Agee (@MarkAgee) to discuss the previous year and all the stupid, absurd, funny, and tragic things we went through. (it's still January, shut up)

#76 – Mayor Pete Supporter Behavior

Episode Notes

We are joined by Madison Tayt (@madison_tayt) to discuss headboards, polar vortex, da best city on earth baby, and her hellish journey through the American Justice System, for washing paint out of a bucket, due to a vindictive Democratic DA and a extremely overzealous police department.

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#75 – Render Unto Caesar

Episode Notes

We are joined by our buddy Colin to discuss (@ColYou) to discuss the Propublica story about how the State of Utah funnels mandatory welfare spending for federal funding through the LDS Church and what that means for people who seek aid from the state.

Link to the article here

#74 – Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Episode Notes

We discuss an article about how a Deseret News columnist is afraid of her own Marxist daughters, and then we dive into the comments. It was pretty great.

Article here:

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#73 – The Pioneers Were Disrupters Feat. Liam Anderson

Episode Notes

The boys are joined by Liam Anderson (@notliamanders0n), from Well There's Your Problem, Lions Led by Donkeys, and Ten Thousand Losses Podcast, to discuss several topics, including Alex Jones big L in court, Kyle Kuzma, Chris Christie, and then we finish with a discussion about a profile from the Deseret News about totally normal billionaire and Utah Jazz owner, Ryan Smith.

Link to the article here: