#111 – Real Housewives of BYM Feat: Madison, Suz, and Ivy

1 year ago

Episode Notes

The boys took a night off to sit our asses down and listen to our friends help us finally pass the Bechdel Test for the first time in the pod's history, Madison (@madison_tayt), Suz (@TheSuzannahLee), and Ivy (@CelebrityGus)

In this episode they discuss:

  • Mormonism and Modesty
  • Real Housewives of Salt Lake
  • Which host they will remove in their feminist coup (Probably Jordan)
  • Economics vs. Astrology, which is more fake
  • The Horror in Enoch and how it relates to Utah and US culture
  • Online Trad Culture
  • Problems with the Salt Lake Olympics bid
  • Spencer Cox's Expensive nepobaby advisor
  • And men going down the Alt-Right pipeline