#90 – Utah County: Special Victims Unit Feat Brace Belden

1 year ago

Episode Notes

We are joined by Brace Belden of the TrueAnon Podcast (@TrueAnonPod) to talk about the spectacle of the dueling press conferences by the Utah County Attorney and the Utah County Sheriff dealing with the matter of if the UC Attorney is a cannibal child sex freak. Or if the Utah County Sheriff is using information from a fake British man who dresses like the Penguin, faked his own death, and is wanted for sexual assault in Utah County.

We also talk about Brace's experiences in Utah at AlphaCon, Greg's making of a varsity athlete, the sad current state of Bob Dylan, BYU and soaking, and the 2003 Cuba Gooding Jr. movie Radio.

Injury Report: Jordan - DNP (Health and Safety Protocols)